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Open Access to Academic Research

The main topic of discussion that stirred up the scientific community was the question of whether it is necessary to provide free access to information held by various research institutes and academies. This calls into question not only the concept of confidentiality but also significantly reduces the value of information that was obtained by the colossal work of scientists.

The main argument in favor of free access is the fact that all organizations and institutions are sponsored by the state. The state is sponsored by taxpayers. Thus, people have the right to know exactly where their funds go and can freely dispose of the knowledge of academicians and professors.

On the other hand, we have a clear problem with qualifications and awareness. The fact is that conducting a thorough multi-level study may require the efforts of a dozen scientists and decades of painstaking work. And open access to such research practically devalues ​​the efforts of specialists and kills the motivation to work on such research.

Thus, specialists see a way out in some compromise, when people who are interested in this or that industry can make their personal contribution. Such a “crowdfunding” system, according to some estimates, can bring more benefits to both researchers and consumers.

The main milestone that allows such plans to be realized is the sustainable development of modern technologies.