Politics Department Invites Students to See “Fidel” Musical in London on November 16

As one of our many efforts to enhance our learning community in PAIR, we would like to invite you to see a musical in London written by a Southampton lecturer. To help you enjoy the show, PAIR will be paying for free coach travel to London this Thursday.

There is a free bus to see the new musical ‘Fidel’ in Covent Garden on Thursday 16th November and tickets for the show are just £10 students and £15 staff. Tickets are available from Anna Hammond 2/4033 (8-4) and also from Denise Baden in room 4038. The bus for the matinee performance leaves Southampton University (interchange) at 11am (leaving time for a quick bite before the show) and returning by 7. If you want to see the evening performance at 7pm – tickets are available but we will only organise a bus if enough demand – email fidel@soton.ac.auk asap to register interest.

Background: Denise Baden wrote the musical about Fidel Castro and the Cuban revolution as a way of disseminating her research. Songs were sourced via a UK wide song-writing competition (see www.fidelthemusical.org) and include songs written by Southampton University students. In solidarity we think it would be fun and informative to offer a trip to see the first ever performance of ‘Fidel’ at St Paul’s Church , London on Thursday 16th November. It is concert style showcase (i.e. professional actor/singers but no props/costumes)  and it will be incredibly exciting to see the songs and script come to life on stage.  There is a matinee performance at 2.30 and evening performance at 7pm, the show lasts 90 minutes with a brief 15 minute talk about Cuba before hand and a Q&A after, see http://iristheatre.com/event/fidel/ .

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