Professor David Owen, Head of the Division of Politics & International Relations. @rdavidowen

Professor Gerry Stoker, Professor of Governance, Director of the Centre for Citizenship, Globalization and Governance (C2G2) and Director of Public Policy@Southampton@ProfStoker

Professor Chris Armstrong, Professor of Political Theory.

Professor Rod Rhodes, Professor of Governance.

Professor Tracy Strong, Professor of Political Theory and Philosophy.

Dr Ana Margheritis, Reader in International Relations.

Dr Will Jennings, Reader in Politics. @drjennings

Dr Russell Bentley, Senior Lecturer in Political Theory. @BentleyRussellK

Dr Alexandra Kelso, Senior Lecturer in Politics & International Relations.

Dr Pia Riggirozzi, Lecturer in Global Politics. @PRiggirozzi

Dr Kamil Zwolski, Lecturer in Global Politics and Policy.

Dr John Boswell, Lecturer in Governance.

Matthew Ryan, Teaching Fellow in Politics & International Relations. @mattygryan

Emily Rainsford, PhD student in Politics & International Relations. @EmilyRainsford

Jethro Butler, Teaching Fellow in Political Theory.

Dr Dimitrios Efthymiou, Teaching Fellow in Political Theory.

Dr Nestor Castañeda-Angarita, Lecturer in Governance and Policy.

Dr John Glenn, Senior Lecturer, Politics & International Relations.

Dr Jonathan Havercroft, Senior Lecturer in International Relations.

Dr Darryl Howlett, Senior Lecturer, Politics & International Relations.

Dr Ingi Iusmen, Lecturer in Governance and Policy.

Justin Murphy, Lecturer in Governance and Policy.

Dr Hui-Chi Yeh, Lecturer in China and Global Politics.

Richard Penny, Teaching Fellow in Politics & International Relations.

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