Why do we study politics? Why should we even care about politics? Many of us study politics to learn about ourselves and learn about other people. Some people also study politics as they seek to change the world around them. Much of what we do is a constant process of learning and unlearning about how power is sought and exercised. This blog brings together the considered thoughts, vibrant opinions and razor-sharp analysis of people in and around the Division of Politics & International Relations (PAIR) and the Centre for Citizenship, Globalisation and Governance (C2G2) at the University of Southampton. We also encourage guest posts from visiting speakers and others interested in participating in public debate. This blog is founded on an egalitarian philosophy, in presenting a platform for both students and staff to write about politics. We do not believe in a hierarchical division of knowledge that segregates research, teaching and learning, but rather that everyone in the department should be involved in debating political issues – be they contemporary or classical. Our editorial style draws on the Socratic method, in encouraging debate and contradiction of views as a means of better understanding questions or issues in politics, and promoting dialogue between people. The content of the blog will be geared around current events as well as age-old problems. If you would like to write for us, please contact the Editor, Dr Will Jennings. You can follow us on Twitter @sotonpolitics.

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