Scotland deliberates: an interactive discussion on the #indyref debate

Scotland goes to the polls of the 18th of September to decide whether or not to become an independent nation. There has been lots of coverage of the merits of the ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ positions. But what about the wider public deliberation? Has the independence referendum got Scots talking about constitutional issues, or how they want their democracy to work? Have people begun to articulate a ‘Scottish way’ of doing things that is new and distinctive? Win or lose, will Scotland be a more participatory, deliberative, democratic place after the referendum?

The Political Studies Association’s Participatory and Deliberative Democracy Specialist Group will be tackling these questions in the first of an occasional series of Google hangouts, an online panel discussion with an opportunity for you to ask questions of the panellists, and carry on the conversation. Panellists include:

The hangout will happen at 2pm today. You can view it live, or after the event, on our youtube page or blog. Keep an eye on twitter @psademocracy #indyref #scotsdeliberate, and the blog if you want to take part in the surrounding discussion.

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