Should Citizenship be for Sale? An update…

By Professor David Owen, Politics & International Relations

Commentaries from the Citizenship Observatory forum debate on the sale of citizenship, which include commentaries from Professors Armstrong and Owen of @sotonpolitics (also published on this blog here and here), have now been published as a EUDO Working Paper. You can reach it directly by following this link .

This is excellent timing because there is a the plenary debate on the issue in the European Parliament, scheduled for later today, 15th January during the 15:00 to 23:00 session. For those interested, the debate can be viewed live online here or be downloaded afterwards.

Most of the political groups in the European Parliament have tabled their drafts for an EP resolution on the issue (with the vote to be held on Thursday) which you can read here (item 183: EU Citizenship for sale).

The EUDO Working Paper has been disseminated to all MEPs, and an earlier version was sent to chairs of all of the party groups. Although none of the draft motions cite the working paper, some of the arguments (and even phrasings) developed in the contributions are raised in these motions too. We believe we can reasonably deduce some impact on policy-makers’ deliberations! It will be interesting to see the outcome of the debate.


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