Policy Agendas in British Politics

A new book, Policy Agendas in British Politics, by Peter John (UCL), Anthony Bertelli (University of South Carolina, USA), Will Jennings (University of Southampton) and Shaun Bevan (MZES, University of Mannheim, Germany) is published today. Using data from the UK Policy Agendas Project, It traces the attention of British government to different policy topics since 1945, showing how issues such as the economy, international affairs, crime and immigration have risen and fallen on the agenda. The book throws new light on the key points of change in British politics, such as Thatcherism and New Labour. Building on existing approaches to agenda-setting (incrementalism, the issue attention cycle and the punctuated equilibrium model) it develops a new approach labelled focused adaptation whereby policy-makers respond to structural shifts in the underlying pattern of attention.


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