David Owen on EU citizenship and national voting rights

Professor David Owen’s recent interventions on EU citizenship and national voting rights are published in a European Citizenship Observatory e-book, INCLUSIVE DEMOCRACY IN EUROPE, edited by Kristen Jeffers, available here. In this publication, academics, policy-makers, and representatives of civil society explore the history and nature of migrant political participation in Europe and consider policy options for remedying the democratic deficit in light of the political realities of modern Europe. The contributors provide a comprehensive discussion of inclusive democracy in the European Union, considering principles of democracy, conceptions of national and EU citizenship, and the political and institutional practicalities of national and European policy change. The first section brings together contributions from the 2011 Dissemination Conference organised by the European Union Democracy Observatory (EUDO, http://www.eudo.eu ) and co-funded by the European Commission (Lifelong Learning Programme, Jean Monnet action) on Inclusive Democracy in Europe. The second section of the eBook exhibits the EUDO CITIZENSHIP Forum Debate on the voting rights of second-country nationals in the European Union. Contributors to the debate examine the contradictory nature of two of the fundamental rights of EU citizenship: the right to free movement and the right to participate in the political life of one’s country of residence. Those who exercise their right to free movement sometimes forfeit their right to vote in national elections in their country of origin but are also disenfranchised in their country of residence.

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