Chris Armstrong on ‘Funding the Protection of Key Ecosystem Resources’

Dr Chris Armstrong is presenting a seminar today on ‘Funding the Protection of Key Ecosystem Resources’ at the Centre for the Study of Social Justice at the University of Oxford on Monday. He writes:

‘Many of us benefit from the ecosystem services that other countries’ natural resources provide. For instance, we are all responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases which are then absorbed by rainforests in other (usually developing) countries. We also appear to believe that those countries ought to protect their rainforests, rather than cutting them down. But if we believe this, should we put our money where our mouth is and PAY countries with rainforests not to cut them down? After all, there are many more lucrative uses to which developing countries could put ‘their’ land. Why should these developing countries pick up the whole of the tab for protection? My paper develops an account of just when the costs of protection should be shared globally, and which costs should be shared.’

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